There are 3 aspects to plumbing that we believe are important:

  1. Knowledge about how to find and correct plumbing problems in a cost effective way
  2. Courteous plumbing services – which includes cleaning up before we leave
  3. Using and investing in sophisticated plumbing equipment so we can deliver great plumbing solutions in a timely manner. That’s why we use the following specialised plumbing equipment.

High Pressure Water Jetter

What it does: High Pressure Water Jetters are highly effective and efficient at unblocking clogged sewerage and stormwater pipes without damaging the pipe. As no chemicals are required, it’s also an environmentally friendly method of removing blockages from pipes.

How it works: In a High Pressure Water Jetter, water is forced through a small nozzle which creates a higher water pressure than you would have using your garden hose or bathroom tap. To see how it works, watch the video on our Blocked Drains page.

Drain and Sewer Line Camera

What it does: Accurately locating a blockage in your pipes can be time consuming without a drain and sewer camera. This specialist plumbing camera is like a closed circuit television (CCTV). It is super robust so it can be placed down your sewer or stormwater drain to locate the exact cause of the blockage. When we know the cause of the blockage, we can determine the best method to unblock it.

We also use the camera to check we have completely removed any pipe blockages so you can be sure, we have done a thorough job.

Typically, drain blockages are caused by tree root infiltration, inappropriate things being flushed down the toilet, cracked, broken or collapsed pipes.

How it works: Drain and Sewer Line Cameras have a flexible cable, built-in lights and a small fibre-optic camera. The camera is fed into a drain or sewer pipe to investigate the cause of the blockage problem. Images of the blocked drain and details of blockage’s location are sent to the operator so they know the source of the blockage and its exact location.

Drain Locator

What it does: The Drain Locator is used to find underground pipes (and cables) around swimming pools and in your garden. It’s particularly useful when used in conjunction with a Drain and Sewer Line Camera because it means we can clear your drains and blocked pipes with a minimum of fuss and with greater efficiency.

How it works: Drain Locators have 2 parts – a transmitter (which goes into the drain) and a transmitter locator. The transmitter locator provides very accurate information on where the pipe or sewer line runs and how deep it is. Using this information, we know where to dig if we need to replace a cracked, broken or collapsed piece of pipe.

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