Fexi Hoses

Some of the most stylish kitchen taps use flexi hose but you’ll probably find them all over your home. They’re used to connect your hot and cold water points to the base of your mixer taps. They’re easy to recognise. They are the manoeuvrable hoses that have a fabric or steel knit cover. Their flexibility means they can fit into tight spaces and don’t fill your cabinets with pipework but there’s a catch. Flexi hoses are prone to bursting. In fact the Sydney Morning Herald has reported 20% of Australia’s residential water damage claims are caused by flexi hoses bursting. And here’s another eyewatering fact for you. When they burst, flexi hoses can release up to 1,500 litres of water per hour. That means your home could be flooded while you’re away this summer and you’d have no idea until you arrived home! What can you do to prevent water inundation at [...]

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It’s barbeque time! 5 Great tips to make entertaining easier

It’s barbeque time! But if you’re sick of lugging gas bottles to and from the hardware store or running out of gas when entertaining friends, catch these cool tips to make your big Aussie Barbie more fun this summer. Tip 1:  Ditch the bottle. Embrace the bayonet! Bottled gas barbeques are great but there’s always the worry they’ll run out of gas in the middle of entertaining guests. If you’d like to eliminate that worry from your life, talk to Shaun about converting your LPG gas barbeque to natural gas. He’ll simply run a pipe from your existing gas connection to your barbeque area. Tip 2:  Add a pizza oven Barbeques aren’t the only way to cook outside. Gas pizza ovens are a great addition to your outdoor entertaining areas.  They are easier to use and clean than wood-fired pizza ovens but still produce delicious pizzas every time. If you’d like to [...]

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Sewerage Eruption

The other day I arrived at a customers house to discover the poor bloke had a sewerage eruption along the back of his home.There was poo and toilet paper oozing everywhere over his path and garden . He asked if I have an Electric Eel to unblock his drain. To which I replied, "No, I only use the most efficient of equipment, which is the High Pressure Water Jetter". He then asked, what is the difference?   Electric Eel (Alternatively known as Sewer Snake) The way this tool operates is by a cable spinning around inside the pipe vigorously and abrasively to break through the blockage. If this is done for an extended amount of time it can wear through the pipe.This is a scenario that you would not want to happen. High Pressure Water Jetter To penetrate through the blockage this piece of equipment delivers 28 litres of water per minute [...]

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Gutter Maintenance

Don't let your gutters reach crisis point by ignoring the small problems that slowly occur as the months pass by. A major part of having a reliable "roof over your head" is to maintain your guttering. Below you will find some simple tips to keep your guttering in good order throughout the year. Tips on maintaining your gutters 1. Be aware that all guttering slowly deteriorates over time, no matter how fancy it claims to be. 2. Be aware that most types of guttering consists of metal surfaces. They can deteriorate very quickly if not looked after. Sound metal gutters can show sign of decay and deteriation in as little as 6 months if there is plenty of leaf debris clogging them up and holding moisture. 3. Clear away blockages. Debris in rusting gutters, for example, can accelerate deterioration considerably, particularly where the leaf litter creates an acidic environment, in the case [...]

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