Don’t let your gutters reach crisis point by ignoring the small problems that slowly occur as the months pass by. A major part of having a reliable “roof over your head” is to maintain your guttering. Below you will find some simple tips to keep your guttering in good order throughout the year.


Tips on maintaining your gutters

1. Be aware that all guttering slowly deteriorates over time, no matter how fancy it claims to be.

2. Be aware that most types of guttering consists of metal surfaces. They can deteriorate very quickly if not looked after. Sound metal gutters can show sign of decay and deteriation in as little as 6 months if there is plenty of leaf debris clogging them up and holding moisture.

3. Clear away blockages. Debris in rusting gutters, for example, can accelerate deterioration considerably, particularly where the leaf litter creates an acidic environment, in the case of pine needles.

4. Cut back overhanging trees.

5. Catch airblown debris before it can cause blockages. There are various gutter guard or leaf catching systems on the market, some more helpful than others, but most are not a complete solution. Debris eventually settles through them, and the screens must be removed, to clean out the gutters. If you decide to buy a leaf-catching system, be sure
it can be easily removed for cleaning.

6. Clean your guttering at least twice a year, or more often if your live amongst a lot of trees with many branches overhanging your roof. Particularly if you live in a region that experiences many storms or severe threat of bush fire.

7. Remember to wear protective gear such as thick gloves and safety goggles. Also, ladder safety is paramount, as one bad fall can be life changing and or even life threatening. Educate yourself on the safety procedures for using ladders by using the abundance of information that can be obtained from a simple internet search.